Newest Technological Advance in Golf Shirts: ClimaChill Technology by Adidas

ClimaChill Technology: This is the Newest Technological Advance in Golf Shirts.  Cool Chilling beads on the inside back of the shirt which keep you cool and dry while the summer is heating up.  Here’s how it works:

Aluminum cooling spheres feel cool on skin upon contact. These aluminum dots are strategically located to correspond with the warmest areas of the body.  Strategically placed on the inside of clothing.

SubZero yarn is a revolutionary flat yarn containing titanium. It maintains surface contact with skin, drawing heat away from the body faster than traditional round yarns.

Climachill is by far the most breathable material we’ve ever created. These remarkably light and highly breathable fibers maximize air permeability like an open mesh, allowing for maximum ventilation and evaporation. (Adidas.Com)

Available in Mens and Womens Clothing by AdidasShop NOW!


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