Adidas Climachill Cooling Technology to Keep You Cool: How to Cope With the Heat

This heat is almost unbearable when you are golfing in the middle of the day.  Staying cool seems to be getting harder and harder, but when you dress the part, you may be surprised to feel cooler than expected.   You may remember our last post on Adidas Climachill Apparel, if not, you can check it out here.

Adidas Climachill is designed for the hottest of days.  Climachill apparel, is a revolutionary design that is an active cooling technology.

“Made of innovative fibers woven together with  titanium and industry-first 3D aluminium cooling spheres, adidas is truly trying to differentiate themselves in this increasingly growing market.” (Sneakerreport.Com)

Climachill, is comprised of high tech fibers designed to transfer heat away from the body to improve performance in higher temperature settings, and the cooling spheres provide an instant cooling sensation to help the athlete run longer and train harder. The cooling spheres are located on high intensity areas where the most heat is drawn from including the back, neck and forearms. Micro-fibers are also included in the apparel to act like a mesh screen and moves excess moisture away from the skin. Using evaporation and conduction together, adidas developed the ground breaking SubZero flat yarn, which enables it to transfer additional heat away from the body.

At adidas we are constantly striving to create innovations to make the athlete comfortable so they can focus on performance,” said Heike Leibl, senior vice president of training at adidas. “The aluminium cooling spheres used in the Climachill range provide an instant chill effect and the innovative fabric is designed to help keep the athlete cool so they can perform at their best in any conditions.”” (Sneakerreport.Com)

Climachill is now available in all different styles and colors in Men and Women for your outdoor activities such as golfing, yoga, tennis, or any type of activity that you may need the extra cooling support.  Shop now from the Ladies Pro Shop Online or stop in the local store, Golf Gear, located in Stuart, Florida.

adidas Climachill apparel

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