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Its no secret that finding your”SWING KEY” comes with lots of practice and playing the game often.
All GOOD golfers have a swing key, but the swing key is different for each golfer. So here are some tips. Most great golfers have one move (or several in combination) they consider the KEY to their swing. A great ball striker turns his head slightly to the right just before starting his takeaway. That move triggers his swing, enabling him to strike the ball powerfully. Along with cupping your left wrist at the top of a swing, so that the wrist joint is slightly bent inward at the top of your swing. On the downswing, push your knee inward toward the ball. This move results in lateral shifting and opening of your left hip. Focus on the right knee dropping in at the ball, the harder you want to hit the ball, the faster you should run your knee at the ball. By running your right knee faster, results in generating more speed in in your lower body.
Next, the delivery of the club back to the ball which is the main objective, Why? it provides the balance and control needed to achieve the type of ball flight desired.

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